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About company

Our team consists of skilful experts with an asset management expertise over more than 10 years.

Financial company EuroTrust was founded in 2004 as an independent financial institution offering wide range of investment opportunities.

We specialise on portfolio management as well as on professional brokerage services. EuroTrust experts develop reliable and profitable investment products using all existing financial techniques.

Our target is to diversify portfolio of an investor and offer him or her a wide range of investment opportunities with professional asset management services, thereby to increase the capital of an investor. The trust of our clients is the primary reward for us.

Competent, reliable and responsible financial services we provide are licensed by the Federal Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation (FFMS), and acknowledged by our membership in the National Securities Market Association (NSMA), which operates on a self-regulatory basis.

company Eurotrust

Evgeny Zandman

Evgeny Zandman

Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Founder of EuroTrust CJSC

Started his career UBS Bank (Geneva) in 1994 by assisting wealthy individuals from Russia with their financial matters.

Occupied as a Junior Partner at Merck Finck & Co Privatbankiers (Dusseldorf, Germany) between 1996 and 1999.

Co-founded International Finanzmanagement Consulting AG (Dusseldorf, Germany). Held a position of Director with specialisation on asset management and brokerage services from 1999 to 2002.

Having applied acquired experience to Russia by founding Interindex in 2001, one of the pioneer companies of electronic trading in Russia.

Managed the put in of a new trading platform Realtick on the Russian market, which provided real-time access to all major exchanges of the world, and offered an opportunity to trade the whole variety of financial instruments. Also managed the elaboration of automated trading systems.

Founded EuroTrust in 2004, which has been successfully engaged in the private wealth management over the last ten years.

Managing Partner of the German managing company PP Brokerage GmbH.

Master of Science in International Economy, Heinrich Heine University (Düsseldorf, Germany).

Upper banker grade (Ausbildung Bankkaufmann).

Eric Schatzmann

Eric Schatzmann

Managing Partner

Worked in different departments of Credit Suisse, namely in Zurich, London and Moscow, for seven years before becoming a member of EuroTrust leadership.

Was at the head of UBP - Union Bancaire Privee branch in Moscow. Started the business from scratch, and then expanded it across Central and Eastern Russia.

Master of Science in Economics and Finance (University of St.Gallen). Fluent Russian, German, English and French.

Anton Trusov

Anton Trusov

Managing partner

After the graduation of Bauman Moscow State Technical University worked at Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Facilities of Academy of Sciences where was engaged in research activity in the algorithmic trade systems and the automated analysis of data.

In 2004 together with Evgeny Zandman participated in creation of the company of Evrotrast and developed the main investment strategy realized on accounts under management.

Higher education in Engineering (Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems of Bauman Moscow State Technical University)

 Inna Konovalchuk

Inna Konovalchuk

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Being actively involved in the process of EuroTrust formation in 2004 serves CEO position since then.

Was at the head of Analytical Department in the Investment Company Centaurus in 1999-2004.

Economic Theory professor at the University of Innovations (Kirov, Russia) during 1998-1999.

Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1995, Computing Mathematics and

Cybernetics Department with the Diploma in Applied Mathematics.

Studied in Russian School of Economics for Master of Science in Economics Degree between 1996-1998.

Received the Diploma of an appraiser at International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting (IAAC) in 2008.

Sergey Gornostaev

Sergey Gornostaev

Leading Broker

Joined EuroTrust in 2008. Demonstrates great performance as a trader and a broker, and proved to be an analyst of international financial markets (foreign exchange markets, commodities, shares).

Higher education in Economics («Banks, Investments, Leasing» Faculty, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation). Certified by Federal Financial Markets Services (FFMS), qualification certificates 1.0, 5.0

Nikita Bordadymov

Nikita Bordadymov


Joined EuroTrust after the termination of university in 2005. More than 10 years in team works as a trader and analyst of international financial markets, specializes in trading options of all types. Also was engaged in creation of company infrastructure.

Higher education in Economics (specialization "Finance and Credit" of Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics)

Certified by Federal Financial Markets Services (FFMS), qualification certificate 1.0
Yurand Reznikov

Yurand Reznikov


Before joining the company EuroTrust worked as a financial advisor in ATON LLC, where attracting potential clients to using brokerage services and specializing in futures & options market FORTS. Also was working for three years in general and investment audit. In EuroTrust team engaged in analyzing international markets of equities, commodities and currencies since 2015.

Higher education in Economics (specialization «Intereconomics» and «Finace & Credit» at Economics Faculty of «Moscow Academy of Entrepreneurship under the Government of Moscow»)

Certified by Federal Financial Markets Services (FFMS), qualification certificate 1.0

The attitude of the company

Our independence is jour advantage.
The freedom of financial choice guarantees high earnings yield and the attractiveness of investments. Having no rigid limitations imposed by other financial institutions, Eurotrust is able to operate with the widest possible range of instruments and strategies, easily choose the best asset management strategy according to clients' needs only.

Our expertise is your success.
Profound knowledge, estimations and self-restrain are important characteristics for a trader, who may be entrusted with investment management. EuroTrust consists of experts on world financial market, who effectively manage large asset portfolios both in Russia and Europe for a period of more than 10 years. Professional market monitoring and analysis, accumulated experience and knowledge empower our managers and traders to decide on opportunely investments.

Every market movement is your profit.
We believe that competent traders are able to increase/multiply the investments regardless of changing market conditions. Active exercise of trading strategies using derivatives (like futures and options) allows us to profit at each market condition, not only growth or decline,but during flat periods as well.

A secure bank account is your safety.
Investor's security in many aspects depends on reliability of the trading account, which is also used as a settlement account. Investment accounts of our clients are established in one of the world's largest financial institutions – the brokerage house Interactive Brokers. The investors have an access to their online accounts, and can control/manage all their positions on a daily basis / daily. Our client has an exclusive right to withdraw money from the account. EuroTrust is authorized only to trade within the accounts of the clients, and has no permit to exercise money.


2004 Evgeniy Zandman had been elaborating new trading technologies (automated and algorithmic) for many years foregoing the foundation of Eurotrust in 2004. Evgeniy Zandman pioneered the adaptation of online trading to the national financial system (with the company Interindeks LLC in 2001) and also offered the further opportunities for Russian investors in Western markets.
Work experience in European financial institutions as well as application of the advanced technologies underlay the establishment of new financial company in 2004 - Closed Joint Stock Company EuroTrust. Trading and asset management in the global commodity markets became the core line of the company. Meanwhile EuroTrust CJSC considered to be a professional participant of the securities market of the Russian Federation and got licenses for brokerage and dealer activities, as well as security management for a three- year period. The company became a permanent member of the self-regulatory organisation National Securities Market Association (NSMA), and a member of the stock section at MICEX in 2004. Asset management in global stock exchanges and future contracts markets has been the key activity of EuroTrust since the establishment till the present.
2007 At the end of 2007 EuroTrust was granted with permanent licenses for brokerage, dealer activities and security management as a professional participant of the securities market of the Russian Federation.
2008 Since 2008 EuroTrust started the expansion of its activities in the options market. Since then, traders and portfolio managers of EuroTrust commenced the elaboration of the new option strategies as well as the update of the existing ones by adapting them to the changing market conditions.
2010 Since 2010 EuroTrust has been actively elaborating new investment products, broadening the investment products line, likewise the individual investment decisions and alternative investments. The company performs the distinctive high profits with an optimal level of risk using option strategies, which are the leading financial instruments used by EuroTrust.
2011 October 2011 is marked with the bankruptcy of the largest brokerage firm in the world - US MF Global LLC. The happening affected the entire financial world. A lot of
EuroTrust clients had their capital placed at MF Global LLC. Nevertheless EuroTrust was ably to recapture the money of its clients almost without losses since the investments were accumulated on segregated accounts, which are not included in bankrupt estate. After the bankruptcy of the MF Global LLC EuroTrust CJSC managed to repay 96.5% of investments. It would have been possible to repay 100% in three-year horizon, however the company was able to managed clients' assets using much more profitable strategy within accounts of another brokerage firm.

Thus EuroTrust CJSC has over 10-year experience of operation on world's financial markets, being one of the pioneers in the foreign assets investments and constantly developing new financial instruments and strategies, and offers the optimum decisions of how to save and increase the assets of its clients.

Our partners

Interactive Brokers – one of the leading and largest brokerage firms in the world. The company has been actively developing for the last 37 years and run up to becoming a leader in brokerage and financial services. The company offers progressive technologies to get an access to the global financial markets for the beginners as well as independent traders and professionals.

Currently, the number of clients of Interactive Brokers Group LLC counts for more than 1 million across the world. Interactive Brokers is considered to be the largest US brokerage firm by the number of transactions per day, which equals to 390 000. Equity capital of the company accounts for $5 billion.

Principal distinctions and advantages of this brokerage company are the following:

  • Sustainable, financially stable and independent American brokerage firm having no mortgages and credit derivatives in its portfolio. SIPS and Lloyds (London) underwrite the accounts of the clients.
  • An access to more than 100 stock exchanges within 19 countries and the opportunity to trade with a wide range of financial instruments, like shares, bonds, future contracts, options, CDF's, ETF and other, using one account.
  • The access to stock exchanges is carried out using professional and multifunctional trading platform – Trader Work Station (TWS). It is available to trade using Iphone and Ipad as well.
  • One click trading that implies the system of direct bid for the best available price.
  • An opportunity to open the control accounts and trade within one account using instruments in different currencies.
  • An opportunity to open the control accounts and realize different trading strategies within one trading account.
All information in this section is provided for acquaint purposes only and does not guarantee raising money. We warn you that trading on the exchange, including futures and options trading associate with high risks. By opening an investment account in EuroTrust, you confirm the awareness of all possible risks and accept them. EuroTrust Company does not guarantee the achievement of the strategies and estimated yields in the future. Furthermore, the historic profitability of the strategies should not be considered as a reliable indicator of the future yields of similar financial products.