Title of article Date of publication
Low oil prices will continue until 2017 25.08.2015
The likely scenario in the oil market 22.07.2015
Why the Fed will raise rates before the end of the year 02.06.2015
The oil market 06.05.2015
Japan is preparing a new financial crisis? 11.11.2014
An unpleasant surprise from Saudi Arabia 06.11.2014
Correction oil 29.10.2014
Investments in venture capital is becoming prohibitively risky. 24.09.2014 pdf
Indecision ECB monetary authorities, or how much will it cost for inaction in the future of the Eurozone? 16.09.2014 pdf
US debt problems. 26.08.2014 pdf
What happens if the Fed raise rates? 08.08.2014 pdf
Question 2 trillion dollars. 17.07.2014 pdf
Markets do not underestimate the risks of rising interest rates. 11.07.2014 pdf
Huge amounts of cash super rich people - liquidity, which can inflate a huge bubble. 24.06.2014 pdf
The bull market will end in the next couple of years. 18.06.2014 pdf
What will be the motion vector of the euro after the ECB meeting? 09.06.2014 pdf
Dipping process in Europe is even more severe crisis due to deflation. 14.05.2014 pdf
Equities "dotcom" - a new bubble? Burst the bubble technology sector as well as 14 years ago? 06.05.2014 pdf
When will the bull market in the US? 29.04.2014 pdf
China - the main competitor of the United States. America must adapt. 03.04.2014 pdf
Gold: whether to be a new bull market? 18.03.2014 pdf
Metals as a leading indicator. 13.03.2014 pdf
World debt exceeds $ 100 trillion. 12.03.2014 pdf
Twitter - mounting losses and declining effectiveness. 05.03.2014 pdf
Does Facebook reinforces fundamentals its market capitalization of $ 170 billion. 25.02.2014 pdf
The short-term oversupply of oil can lead to deflation in the world. 25.02.2014 pdf
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